Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The official Hasbara 2.0 poster, and some Technorati news

I can now reveal the official poster for the Elder's off-Broadway extravaganza, at Yeshiva University, scheduled for next Tuesday:

I am still working on the slides - I am pushing a hundred Powerpoint slides, so the talk will likely last some 90 minutes or so (I speak fast.)  There is a lot of information there, though.

The organizers wanted some stats about my blog, so I looked once again at my latest Technorati rankings.

Readers may recall how surprised I was last August when Technorati ranked this blog #56 in Politics and #15 in World Politics among all the thousands of political blogs they follow.

And then how blown away I was when in the beginning of November my rankings rose to #50 in Politics and #7 in World Politics.

Today.....drumroll, please....my rank is

Politics: #41

World Politics: #4  !!!

Yes, I'm blowing away Juan Cole, and Marc Lynch, Stephen Walt, the LA Times Babylon and Beyond blog - even The White House Blog!

And my blog is one of the very few in the top tier that is primarily run by one person.

Very, very cool.

By the way, this was my second biggest month (after Flotilla June); according to Statcounter I am hitting almost exactly 100,000 pageviews (Google says about 150,000.) I also hadn't checked my Feedburner lately, it says that I have over 1100 RSS subscribers. (RSS readers are now set up to link to the comments, by the way.)

UPDATE: Back down to 7 in World Politics, but up to 38 in Politics. Fame is fleeting.