Monday, November 01, 2010

Respect my Authoritay!

Technorati ranks blogs according to something called "authority." They define it this way:
Technorati Authority measures a site's standing and influence in the blogosphere.
Authority is calculated based on a site’s linking behavior, categorization and other associated data over a short, finite period of time. A site’s authority may rapidly rise and fall depending on what the blogosphere is discussing at the moment, and how often a site produces content being referenced by other sites.

Topical Authority measures a blog’s influence within its subject category. Blogs will appear ranked by topical authority within Technorati’s blog directory. Factors include linking behavior from blogs and posts in the same category, how well a blog's overall content matches the category in question, and other associated data. It’s possible for a blog to have authority in several different categories. The authority in each category may be different.

Last August I was stunned to see that Technorati ranked EoZ as #56 in Technorati Top Political Blogs and #15 in Technorati Top World Political Blogs.

So when I saw the most recent rankings...I was blown away.

Top Politics/World Blogs

#1 Jihad Watch
#2 Danger Room
#3 American Thinker
#4 Commentary
#5 TPMMuckraker
#6 The Daily Beast
#7 Gates of Vienna (tie)
#7 Elder of Ziyon (tie)
#9 The Huffington Post
#10 Babylon & Beyond

Just for comparison, Atlas Shrugs is at #12, Michelle Malkin is #24, and Power Line is #25.

In the more general Politics rankings, EoZ also went up; it is now at #50.

There are over 10,000 blogs that get ranked in those two categories.

For all blogs, period - over 1.2 million of them - they rank EoZ #426.

Rankings do change often, but still....cool!