Monday, November 08, 2010

AP is just a joke. Plus, Pam Anderson at the Kotel.

AP doesn't even try to find out the facts anymore...
Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson said Sunday she will try her powers of seduction while in Israel on an unlikely audience — ultra-Orthodox Jewish lawmakers.

An anti-fur bill has been put on hold in Israel over concerns by ultra-Orthodox leaders that it could impact production of the characteristic fur hats worn by some men from Hassidic sects on holidays and other festive occasions.

To combat growing secularization of Jews to European society in the 18th century, Hassidic Jews decided that their way of dress should remain intact and not be influenced by fashion. Descendants of these communities to this day wear the black hats and coats of that period, including, at times, fur hats.
The bill in Knesset explicitly excluded shtreimels - the fur hats that AP says is the problem.

The real issue is that the religious groups are uneasy about supporting the anti-fur organizations who are also against kosher slaughter.

Again, we see pure sloppiness from a major wire service. It cannot be trusted to even give basic facts accurately.

But - it includes photos of Pamela Anderson at the kotel, in a weird burqa-type outfit: