Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes, Galloway's money went to Hamas terrorists

George Galloway is threatening to sue Canada over supposedly banning him last year because of his support of Hamas. The problem is that they didn't ban him - they just informed him that he might be banned, and he decided not to test them.

Galloway's major defense is that he was not supporting Hamas with his donations, but only helping the poor people of Gaza through the Hamas government.

That might have indeed been his intent, but reports indicate that most or all of the aid that Galloway gave to Hamas ended up in terrorist hands and none to the people of Gaza!

In June, a Gazan reporter noted that the only new cars in Gaza at the time - those brought by the Viva Palestina convoy - were being driven by Hamas members only, as a perk. Yet Viva Palestina claimed they were going to be used for critical infrastructure and medical needs.

And in July, there were Arabic language reports that the Al Qassam Brigades went into Ismail Haniyeh's office and took all the cash aid that Viva Palestina brought into Gaza!

I am not aware of any public complaints by Viva Palestina against Hamas for mismanaging their "aid." On the contrary, they are working to repeat the exact same actions.

Is this how an aid organization, concerned solely about poor people, would act?