Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Western anti-semitism update (Zvi)

From Zvi:

Incomplete and not in any particular order  

Malmö, Sweden - October 2010  During the weekend the Jewish community in Malmö held a seminar for children at their seminar facility in Höllviken (not far from Malmö). The weekend seminar was spoiled when an angry mob of some 10 youngsters decided to attack the seminar attendees—who were mostly children. The threatening gang was screaming hate slogans including “Heil Hitler”, “Jewi pigs” and “fucking Jews are spoiling Höllviken”. In addition to the anti-Semitic verbal abuse, the gang also trespassed into the privately-owned area in order to damage property.

Sweden - Oct 2010 editorial  In 2009, Sweden recorded its highest number of anti-Semitic incidents ever. Over the last four months, a synagogue was firebombed, a rabbi was attacked in the street, and a bomb threat was called in to a Jewish community center. 

Norway - October 2010  Kristin Halvorsen, who on January 8th 2009 participated in a march against Israel (see above – screenshot  from an Indonesian blog) with the very same crowd who only hours earlier had attacked a peaceful pro-Israel peace rally, has yet to receive “recommendations on how to proceed” from her working group.

Spain - September 2010  58.4% of the Spaniards think that the "Jews have much power because they control the economy and the media". Among university students this attitude encompasses the 62.2%, and among people "interested in politics" this attitude encompasses the 70.5%. ... Among those who admit to be "unpleasant towards the Jews", 17% of them attribute this attitude to the "Middle East conflict"; 29.6% of them attribute this attitude to "their religion", "their customs", " the way they are", etc.; others among them attribute this attitude to "general unpleasantness", "the power" and "the money"; 17% of them attribute this attitude to reasons they don't know. This means that only a small percentage of the Spaniards show unpleasantness towards the Jews due to "the State of Israel and its policies".  

Germany - Sep 2010   'Al Jazeera and the Lebanese Hezbollah broadcaster are trusted more than German broadcasters,' said Jochen Mueller from a pro-integration organization, ufuq.de, told the thre day conference. 
Belgium - Sep 2010  Bret Stephens’ Wall Street Journal column this week concerns the thoughts of Karel De Gucht, the European Union’s trade commissioner and a former Belgian foreign minister, on Jews.  In a radio interview with a Flemish station he asserted that the current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are doomed to failure because Jews are excessively influential in the United States and because they are not the sort of people that can be reasoned with.  

The Netherlands - Sep 2010  The Dutch Jewish community suffered almost double the number of antisemitic incidents in 2009 than in 2008. Experts said this increase might only be “the tip of the iceberg”.   Police said the 209 cases of antisemitism were documented in the Netherlands last year, representing a 48 per cent rise year-on-year and accounting for nearly a tenth of all discriminatory incidents in the Netherlands. ... The Jewish community in the Netherlands numbers around 30,000, less than 0.3 per cent of the country’s population.  (But see update here - the way they counted the crimes changed. [EoZ])

USA - Sep 2010   The graffiti, which included swastikas and references to gas chambers, was found Sept. 17 at Northwest Yeshiva High School.

USA - Sep 2010  Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez has apologized to Daily Show host Jon Stewart for the career killing comments he made last week, comments that, according to his wife, were caused by exhaustion. [because he could not possibly be an idiot who actually believes that Jews control everything, right? -Zvi]

I would add something that got little coverage outside New York: in Brooklyn on Monday, a few members of the Westboro Baptist Church waved signs (among them "Your Rabbi is a whore") outside various synagogues and yeshivas.