Sunday, October 03, 2010

Setting Arab science back 500 years

From Al Arabiya:

Arab world’s most prominent space scientist working in NASA believes in supernatural creatures, but admits he has no evidence to prove [it] except for his faith in the Quran.

Dr Farouq al-Baz, who worked 43 years in NASA, told Alarabiya.net that he was sure that the ghouls, Jinns and demons live among us and said that he came to the conclusion through his scientific predisposition meshed with his complete believe in Quran verses signifying their existence.

Quran denotes to Jinn as creatures created from fire, while humans are created from mud.
Even if he believes in jinn and ghouls, isn't it the height of stupidity to say so publicly? Does he think that his Arab scientific colleagues will benefit when their co-workers read this article and start wondering about them too?

If the "Arab world’s most prominent space scientist" wants to promote Arabs as being the equal in scientific achievement with everyone else, this is not exactly how to do it. But if he wants to paint them all as superstitious buffoons, then he's done a great job.