Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Hate

The Palestinian Authority has a "Ministry of Information." Its web page is most informative - but not in the way that it intends.

In English, it provides pretty straight news, both about what the PA is doing (another $40 million from the World Bank)  and some things that it thinks the world should know Israelis are doing in the West Bank. For example, news about new buildings being built in a Jewish town in the Jordan Valley, or reporting that Jews went to the Temple Mount at the end of the Sukkot holiday. Quite partisan but not inflammatory; all in all very appropriate news for such a ministry.

In Arabic, however, the facade of acting like a "peace partner" is ripped right off.

Here we see that government officials are holding press conferences sponsored by this same ministry saying as a fact that Israel has a "a planned strategy to uproot the Palestinian people from their land."

Another story talks about a proposal, not even close to being approved, to add a new gate into the walls of the Old City to improve access to the Western Wall Plaza that Ha'aretz reported yesterday. It calls this proposal, which it accepts as already being planned, "an act mentally infected with hatred." (It will be recalled that during the nineteen years that the Old City was Judenrein, the Arabs treated it like a dump. Now they pretend to be concerned about its historic architecture!)

A third story talks about Netanyahu's plan to "blackmail" Washington, threatening to sabotage Democratic chances to win the congressional elections in November unless Israel gets what it is demanding.

Not surprising is the story that still claims that Mohammed al-Dura was killed by the IDF.

Yet another story extols the greatness of the second intifada. Wasn't it great that 6000 of their people were killed but that they managed to kill a thousand Jews? What a victory! This is not Hamas or Islamic Jihad celebrating the terror spree; it is the government of "Palestine" officially celebrating the single event that demolished the "peace process."

None of these stories make it to the English site, of course.

The site is filled with lies, bias, slanted opinions and bizarre conspiracy theories that it reports as straight news.

The Arabic site proves that the incitement to hate Israel is not an aberration that Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI take out of context from a semi-independent media. Incitement is sewn into the fabric of the very government that Israel is expected to negotiate peace with.