Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PA minister brags of building 90 mosques in a year

Hamas said some disparaging things about the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Endowments (the Waqf) which is in charge of all Muslim institutions in the territories.

Mahmoud Habbash, minister of the Waqf, said that his organization has built over 90 mosques and has had over 250 people memorize the Quran in just one year.

Furthermore, in response to Hamas insults, he said, "They accuse us that we are fighting Islam?! We are... training imams in the arts of rhetoric and reading of the Koran, and we have not bombed mosques and we did not kill the elderly and children in mosques because they have different views," implicitly accusing Hamas of doing exactly that.

Hamas had also accused the Waqf of acceding to a request by the Jews of the territories to turn down the volume on mosque loudspeakers during Ramadan. Habbash was incensed at the very thought that his organization would be accused of being considerate to non-Muslims' feelings. "How can anyone accuse us of working to reduce the call to prayer to not disturb the settlers?!" Habbash went on to say that anyone who makes such an accusation is obviously in bed with the Zionist settler terrorist state.

Furthermore, Habbash said that accusations that the Waqf had fired members of Hamas were untrue; that they employed Hamas members as long as they adhere to ministry requirements and don't politicize mosques.

So from this article we can learn that 90 mosques were built by the cash-strapped PA this year, almost certainly using money from the EU and the US. In these mosques, as MEMRI has shown numerous times, come the worst kinds of incitement against Israel and, often, Jews.

It appears that the West is funding PA anti-semitism, not only by funding the TV station but also by funding the mosques.