Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Mavi Marmara video, and the fifth column in Israel's Knesset (UPDATED)

A new video of the Mavi Marmara has surfaced, centering around Arab Knesset member Hanin Zouabi. She was on the ship, and this video proves that she lied in her interviews after the incident.

As Arutz-7 reports:
The clip, released on Army Radio’s website Wednesday morning – although currently not viewable, apparently because of the heavy demand – shows Zouabi standing next to a group of Turks who are armed with clubs and metal bars.

It is likely that they were among the mob that attacked the sparsely-armed IDF soldiers who rappelled down onto the ship after it refused to adhere to IDF orders to change course. Though the mob proceeded to beat and injure several soldiers, including one very seriously, the small IDF force was able to recover and kill nine attackers.

MK Zouabi said repeatedly after the incident, and again today, that though she was on the ship, she had no knowledge of any preparations for a violent attack on IDF soldiers. Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin said he plans to submit the tapes to the Attorney General and to the Knesset Ethics Committee.

Filmed in the stairwell of one of the ship's below-board floors, the clip first shows Zouabi with an orange life-jacket, standing and talking with mob members. One Israel Navy soldier testified that it was at this point that three of his comrades were being dragged below in an attempt to kidnap them; according to his testimony, it is unlikely that Zouabi did not see this.

Here's the video: (updated, with captions by IsraelMuse)

While is may be possible that she wasn't present when the soldiers were dragged down the stairs, we see clearly that she was aware of the pre-cut clubs and the "activists" waiting to ambush IDF soldiers at the entrance to the stairwell.

The second half of the video is no less important. As pointed out in the Balfour Street blog, Zouabi is actually arguing with the IDF soldiers who want to evacuate the wounded to Israeli hospitals! Both she and another terror-supporting "activist" say that the injured do not want to be treated in Israeli hospitals. Apparently, they were hoping for more deaths. (She continues to deny knowing that the MM passengers had weapons.)

This is a member of Knesset actively seeking to destroy Israel, and willing to support those who want to attack her country's soldiers. It is beyond belief that even the most open-minded, democratic country could tolerate this kind of behavior from their own representatives in government.

(h/t Joel B., Jed, and the two blog-links above.)