Monday, July 05, 2010

Today's PalArab news (7/5/2010)

A Jordanian included a symbolic wooden key with his wedding invitations to remind party guests of how they really don't want to forget their homes in Palestine. One reminder of his status came from Mahmoud Abbas himself, who stressed that "Jordan is for Jordanians and Palestine is for Palestinians," in a speech that could one day result in Jordan revoking citizenship from many more of its citizens of Palestinian Arab ancestry.

All for their own good, of course.

Last week there was a war of words between Hamas' Mahmoud Zahar and Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit concerning Hamas. This week, Egypt is attempting to mend fences, sending delegations to Gaza and Damascus. Egypt wants to make sure that its influence in negotiations between Hamas and Fatah is not damaged.

One way that Fatah and Hamas are battling is via issuing passports. The PA sends a limited number of (blank) passports to Gaza every month, far less than Hamas demands, and Fatah is now accusing Hamas of giving all of the passports to terrorists from the Al Qassam Brigades. Hamas is demanding another hundred thousand passports, presumably for Gazans to travel through Rafah.

Now, what could the Qassamis be doing with the passports?

The World Health Organization is warning that many of Gaza's beaches are contaminated with sewage, and that Gaza's dumping of raw or partially-treated sewage in the Mediterranean is a major health problem. It could start affecting Gaza's vegetables, fish, milk and meat. The mayor of Ashkelon is also complaining that the contamination is reaching his beach, and warns that it could ruin affect Cyprus and Turkey if not addressed. In the past, Hamas has used pipes meant for sewage treatment to build Qassam rockets.

Egypt intercepted another half ton of TNT, as well as mortar shells and old anti-aircraft missiles, on their way to Gaza.

Firas Press reports that a senior Al Qassam member used some of his thugs to torture his brother's wife, who is now being treated for her wounds. The torture included beating her with sticks and pouring olive oil into her nose. Nice to know that Hamas has ways to keep olive oil manufacturers in Gaza in business.

Islamic Jihad is awaiting the release of some of its members from prison. They say that some of the prisoners were tortured. The prisoners may be released this week - by Egypt.