Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's PalArab news (7/28/2010)

PA president Mahmoud Abbas, in an interview where he was emphasizing how much he wants peace, mentioned how he feels that Tzfat (Safed) is the most beautiful city in the world. He was born there in 1935. Abbas was on a trip to Africa to shore up his support there.

Two people were seriously wounded from an apparent "work accident" in central Gaza.

An Iranian delegation is expected to arrive in Gaza in the next few days. They will be bringing in aid (and, in all probability, cash for Hamas)  via Egypt, and Egypt says it has no problems with any nation wanting to go through proper channels to deliver aid. This may mean that a threatened Iranian ship to Gaza has been canceled. - However, Al Arabiya quotes Iran's PressTV that a political delegation from Iran is not being allowed into Gaza from Egypt. I am not sure if these are the same people.

UNRWA is planning to distribute some 20,000 laptops to Gaza schoolchildren this coming year.

In another case of a multinational company pushing a single religion, Nokia is expanding its line of Ramadan software that runs on its mobile phones.