Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's PalArab news (7/13/2010)

There are reports that the Shin Bet is meeting directly with Hamas representatives in prisons in the Negev to negotiate a prisoner swap for Gilad Shalit. This comes from Palestine Press Agency, which uses reports like these to discredit Hamas' credentials as being jihadist, as this indicates that Hamas is more pro-Israel than Mahmoud Abbas. Of course, at the same time Hamas is slamming the PA for reported meetings that the Shin Bet had with them!

Palestinian Arab and Israeli journalists met in Cyprus to discuss their competing narratives. The Arab journalists "took part at their own risk," as the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate bans such meetings as "normalization."

Hajj is coming up, and pilgrims from Gaza are trying to iron out their passport issues to be able to travel to Saudi Arabia. In the past, Hamas terrorists often used Hajj as a means to travel to Iran to get cash and weapons training.

The Libyan ship meant to break the blockade is scheduled to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday afternoon, according to a Hamas spokesman.

The Al Aqsa Foundation not only makes a stink when Jews peacefully visit the Temple Mount, but also when they stay outside the gates.

German journalists were given tours of the Hamas Koran-based summer camps.

Palestine Today has another news story about Islamic Jihad summer camps, where the kids are taught "the culture of resistance and resilience, and links to the land and holy places which are being Judaized and raped by gangs of Zionist terrorism."