Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today's PalArab news (7/11/2010)

A ship from Libya headed towards Gaza left Greece last night, filled with food that Gaza does not seem to be lacking. Israel Matzav notices that the "charity" that is running the ship once received some $200,000 from - the Obama administration.

Hamas' amnesty program for "collaborators" ended over the weekend, and they claim to have gotten many key spies to turn themselves in. Some are wondering what will happen now if anyone else decides to "repent" after the deadline...

The new head of Al Azhar University in Cairo said that he would not repeat the mistakes of his late predecessor, and would not consider shaking hands with Shimon Peres or meeting with any delegation of rabbis.

It is not only UNRWA and Hamas running summer camps in Gaza. Islamic Jihad has a system of 51 camps for kids 11-16, where they "prepare a generation armed with faith and awareness that is capable of carrying burdens and challenges."