Sunday, July 11, 2010

Should I start my own "think-tank"?

I just received an email from JCPA, the excellent Israeli think-tank, bragging about its Internet success:
Which Israel-Based Think-Tank Leads the Pack on the Internet?
After a decade of concentrated effort on the front lines of the Internet, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs headed by former Israeli UN Ambassador Dore Gold leads the pack of Israel-based think tanks, according to data from Alexa.com, an independent website traffic ranking service owned by Amazon.com.
 A comparison of 17 think tanks in July 2010 shows that the Jerusalem Center ranks much higher than better known and more lavishly funded institutions such as the Israel Democracy Institute, Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies, the Shalem Center, and the Peres Center (see table).

RankWebsiteWorld Ranking
1Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs368,054
2NGO Monitor605,446
3One Jerusalem752,482
4Daily Alert962,386
5Institute for Counter-Terrorism, IDC Herzliya978,644
6Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University1,093,413
7Israel Democracy Institute1,302,090
8Reut Institute1,735,615
9Van Leer Jerusalem Institute1,878,871
10Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information2,205,274
11Peres Center for Peace2,594,697
12Ariel Center for Policy Research2,761,903
13Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress3,312,665
14Shalem Center4,859,252
15Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University5,812,872
16Rabin Center6,365,319
17Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies8,419,974

So I looked up my Alexa rank:


I am speechless.

I don't know whether to be proud that my ranking is so high, or upset that these professional think-tanks - with full time staff and salaries, filled with stellar content - cannot do better. 

Maybe, if they would hire me full time, I could make aliyah and increase their ranking!

(Just for context - newspapers and magazines do much, much better than my little blog, and these sites don't generally have daily news updates, but still....)