Monday, July 05, 2010

Saudi man almost married his "breast sister"

Firas Press reports on a man who was very close to marrying his own "sister."

A 30-year old man from the Asir region had already booked the banquet hall and sent out the invitations, when an aunt contacted him and told him that his late mother had nursed his fiancée many years before.  According to Islam, that maker her his "breast sister" and he is therefore forbidden from marrying her.

The man said he'd be especially careful to make sure he doesn't make that mistake for his next bride.

In a related story, Saudi feminists threatened to take advantage of the recent fatwa that suggested that Saudi women should breastfeed their drivers in order to avoid them being illegally alone with their female passengers in the car by making the male drivers their "sons." They proposed that they would go through with the fatwa's recommendations and breastfeed these men, unless the Saudi authorities allow women to drive!

(h/t Ali for translation help)