Monday, July 12, 2010

Notable quote from Dar al-Hayat

A few weeks ago there were rumors, immediately denied, that Saudi Arabia would allow Israel to use its airspace (or even to build an airbase!) in order to attack Iran. While the airspace story might have some plausibility in a situation where the Saudis could maintain deniability, an analysis by a rabid Israel-hater in Dar al Hayat includes a paragraph that needs to be studied:

Perhaps the Saudi government has a thousand objections to the practices of the Iranian government. However, it would never help Israel against a Muslim country. This is impossible with Abdullah bin Abdulaziz as King, Sultan bin Abdulaziz as the Crown Prince, and with his brothers, their children, grandchildren, ministers and the entire people.

It takes a lot for an Arab country to accept help from the US against another Arab country - as in the case of Kuwait against Iraq. But to accept help from the hated enemy Israel? Sorry, it will never happen in any sort of public way. It is inconceivable that even  Egypt or Jordan would accept military help from Israel. Under the table, away from the public, in the back rooms, with absolute deniability - perhaps. But the citizens of any Arab country, raised for generations with implacable hate against the Jews cum Zionists, would not stand for such an absolute betrayal from their leadership. The Arab hate against Israel is palpable (as can be seen in the remainder of the article linked to here.)