Monday, July 26, 2010

New PalArab computer training center

PalPress reports that a new computer training center was opened in Ramallah.

It was named after Mamdouh Sabri Saydam, "one of the most prominent leaders of the Palestinian revolution...who gave his soul the redemption of the homeland" on the 39th anniversary of his "martyrdom."

Who was Saydam?

Mamduh Sabri Saydam [Abu Sabri]:

Former Fatah field commander. Refugee from ‘Aqr (al-Majdal) to Gaza; taught in Algeria and trained in its army in 1964. Recruited through Wazir, and moved to join Fatah field command in Damascus (1965). Member of first Fatah-CC, heading Fatah forces in Jordan in 1970. Died in Jul 71 of cancer.
I wonder if Jordan is happy that Palestinian Arabs are naming institutions after people who tried to topple its government.