Monday, July 19, 2010

More heartbreaking pictures from the Gaza Mall

Welcome to the impoverished Gaza Strip Mall!

Here is where you can see how the evil Zionists have stolen all our water.

Medical equipment like wheelchairs can only come from ships who break the blockade.

We also need help from the West in getting basic clothing into Gaza.

Our children suffer the most. Here they are playing videogames that are over three years old.

Amenities that are taken for granted in the West, like 65 inch flat screen TVs, are exceedingly rare and must be shared by many of our impoverished citizens.

We are forced to squirt Zionist ketchup onto our French fries, showing that we are still under colonial occupation.

Our children are forced to suffer while their parents eat measly portions in the "Starving Food Court."

PalTimes has dozens of other photos of the ruins, in three photo albums: 1 2 3

And now we have the tragic video of the mall.