Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hamas confiscates "inappropriate" T-shirts

From Ma'an:
De facto government detectives in the Gaza Strip seized inventory from several shops and vendors on Saturday, which a police report said displayed "immoral words."

The clothing, manufactured in Gaza City, was mostly cotton shirts with the words "Porn Man Clothing" written on them in bold letters.

Detectives said the clothing was uncovered during a routine inspection tour, and was traced back to a manufacturer in the Ash-Shuja'iyyah neighborhood of Gaza City, where a report said two merchants and a printer worked to create and supply the goods to vendors.

Police said the supplies and the merchandise were confiscated and the individuals involved in making the clothing brought in for questioning.

Investigators said charges would likely be laid.

The seizure on grounds of immorality is the latest in a string of small measures being taken by the Gaza government to enforce what critics call inappropriate laws on personal status.

I am not nearly as surprised that Hamas would confiscate clothing that says "Porn Man Clothing" as I am that there is evidently a demand for such clothing in Gaza.

Enough of a demand that Gaza manufacturers - you know, the ones who have no raw materials because of the Israeli siege - are using their supposedly scarce resources to print up such T-shirts to begin with!