Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fatah pot calling Israeli kettle black

Fatah spokesman Osama Qawasmi accused Israel of using all of its political, economic and media might to keep Hamas and Fatah divided from each other, according to pro-Fatah Palestinian Press Agency.

His statement said that Israel's goal is to maintain the division to weaken the Palestinian leadership in preparation for the liquidation of the Palestinian national project.

I guess that Qawasmi is an Israeli agent, then, because he has a history of stoking those very divisions that he says comes from Israel!

He recently accused Hamas of lying during reconciliation negotiations, and he was the first to accuse Hamas of being behind the arson at the UNRWA camps.

Moreover, in April, Qawasmi went off on a long rant about Hamas, accusing it of every crime under the sun: collusion with Israel, and then he said that Hamas "looted institutions, stole from the banks, and imposed a tax in violation of the law, and divided the national territory, and suppressed the violent traditions of the community, and violated civil liberties and [citizen] privacy, and made of the resistance just a slogan, with talk of rockets only via satellite channels."

Good work, Agent Qawasmi! You are acting in service of your Zionist masters!