Thursday, July 01, 2010

Egyptian and Syrian "Islamophobia"

http://www.islamonline.net/servlet/Satellite?c=Article_C&cid=1245845947279&pagename=Zone-English-Euro_Muslims%2FEMELayoutIf disagreeing with the supposed Islamic rule that women must wear veils covering their faces is Islamophobia, then both Egypt and Syria have more than their share of Islamophobes.

In Alexandria, Egypt, some restaurants, clubs and beaches have banned women from wearing the niqab, causing some controversy. About 17% of women in Egypt wear the veil.

Meanwhile, in Syria, nearly 1200 schoolteachers who wear the veil have been suspended from working in classrooms altogether:

[Syrian Minister of Education Ali] Saad justified his decision by arguing that the face veil is not in line with the secular policies followed by the state as far as education is concerned.

“Education in Syrian schools follows an objective, secular methodology and this is undermined by wearing the face veil.”

He also pointed out that the face veil disrupts the teaching process as it hinders eye contact, which is extremely important for the relationship between teacher and student. Therefore, information is not delivered properly to the students. 
Is that also Islamophobia, or does that term exclusively apply to the West?