Friday, July 02, 2010

Did a senior Hamas member defect? (updated)

A number of Palestinian Arabic media are publishing an identically-worded story.

Supposedly, a Hamas member named Yusuf Fayez Abu Hussein (Nassar) was sent by Hamas on a mission to Dubai, after which he was to go to Syria and then back to Gaza. Instead of Dubai, however, he went to the Ukraine, where he he had a dispute with a neighbor also from Gaza whose relative was killed by Hamas, and he was afraid he would be killed.

Then, after the police arrived he surrendered himself to the Israeli embassy in the Ukraine - where he had a girlfriend (pictures of him with her accompany the article, including him kissing her.)

The article goes on to say that he is really a member of the Mossad, and he has sex tapes of four other Hamas members for the purposes of blackmail - and the article names them.

Since this is being published mostly in pro-Fatah media, the entire story is suspect, but it is a good tale, nonetheless.

(UPDATED: I got a better translation thanks to reader Ali, updated it to reflect that.)