Saturday, July 10, 2010

Collective punishment in Nablus!

From Ma'an:
Palestinian Authority forces imposed a curfew in the northern West Bank village of Salem in the Nablus district after a man was killed overnight, police said.

Locals said Issa Ahid, 30, sustained critical wounds after being stabbed several times with a sharp object. The victim was taken to the Rafedia Hospital, where he died of his injuries.

PA security forces deployed in the village shortly after the incident occurred, placing movement restrictions on residents while investigations were underway, locals said.
After only a single incident, and entire village is forced to suffer from inhumane collective punishment. People cannot freely move in and out of their community because of the harsh, repressive measures taken in the name of "security."

We can be sure that activists will be all over this case of human rights abuses done by the Palestinian Authority security forces. After all, we know how inhuman such punishments are, especially when applied so capriciously. How dare they make so many people suffer!

Obviously the murder was an excuse to repress these people, yearning to be free.