Monday, June 07, 2010

Zionist pigs attack yet again!

Palestine Press Agency reports on yet another attack of wild boars on the fields of the residents of Salfit - and their utter conviction that Jewish settlers are behind this evil.

Pigs from settlers from the settlement of "Ariel" continued their attacks on the rights of farms and houses in Salfit and surrounding villages.

Witnesses said that a swine herd consisting of twenty pigs attacked the farming communities, breaking down peach and apricot trees...

Witnesses said the pigs made scary sounds and also attacked a field of wheat belonging to farmers Imran Ahmed Khalil Masri and Abu Dar....

The farmers expressed their indignation at the repeated attacks of pigs and have shown that attempts to eliminate them and get rid of them have failed dismally.

Farmer Abu Amer blamed the occupation, saying that they deliberate disseminate pigs for the sabotage and destruction of land, which is then easily stolen by the occupation authorities to establish more settlements.
There's the missing link - I had always assumed from previous Zionist Pig stories that the Jews raised and trained these pigs purely out malice, but now I see it is to drive the Palestinian Arabs away from their land - a new form of ethnic cleansing, of course.

Another vital detail - the evil Jews did not only train the pigs to distinguish between Arab and Jewish farmlands, but they also train them to make scary noises!

And we know that Arabs have, in the past, left their beloved family homes en masse because of nothing more than loud, scary noises.