Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video: IHH member admits hostage-taking (updated)

Middle East News Watch brings us a video of a reporter who found this guy, Murat Akinan:

The reporter first notes that while the soldier is bloody, Akina doesn't have a scratch on him. Akina simply answers that the soldiers were firing and he was merely defending himself.

He answers the question of whether he intended to kidnap the soldier with a strange denial:

"No, [he] was given to me to protect, save him and trade him."

Seizing a person with the intent to bargain him to compel a state or group of people to do an act is the definition of hostage taking. And it is illegal under international conventions.

Yet I have yet to hear a "humanitarian" denounce this violation of humanitarian law. In fact, I have yet to hear a member of Free Gaza disassociating themselves from the actions of the IHH assaulters and kidnappers.

Makes you think that maybe they have a non-humanitarian agenda, doesn't it?

UPDATE: It is possible that the woman said "treat," not "trade." Which would make this post moot.