Friday, June 11, 2010

Turkish Journalist Who Took Cropped Pictures Hanging Out with Terrorists

Little Green Footballs has more information on the Turkish journalist who took the cropped pictures:
Adem Ozkose’s connections to Islamists go quite a bit deeper than this. A reader in London emailed a link to the following article about Ozkose published last month at Turkish media site haber5.com: Haber5.com - Gerçek ve Özgürlükçü - Son haberler | Adem Özköse’nin kitapları yolda…

It turns out that Ozkose, as well as working for the Turkish ‘Real Life’ magazine and helping IHH try to run the Gaza blockade, is also a writer of Islamist books with at least one publisher deal and possibly more.

And the article at haber5.com is accompanied by the following picture, showing Adem Ozkose with two of his associates.

Here’s Ozkose interviewing a Hamas spokesman, and openly expressing his support for jihad: Mehraba.com » Özköse Gazze’yi ve Hamas’ı anlattı. (Google Translation.)

Accompanied by this photo:

Here’s Ozkose with a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, spreading the message: “Insurgents who kill civilians is not a killer.

Accompanied by this photo:

Here’s Ozkose with a very sympathetic article about the Taliban: “The Taliban won the hearts of the Afghan people.

Accompanied by the following photos:

And here’s Ozkose interviewing Umm Nidal — a Palestinian mother and Hamas parliament member whose three sons were killed while murdering Israeli civilians, some of them children — and treating her as a heroine: “I thank God that seven Israeli soldiers kill Muhammad as my other two sons were killed.”

Accompanied by this photo and translated caption:

It would have been normal if these meetings were part of objective reporting, but it is not. As LGF notes that in all of the cases
the articles written by Ozkose are not merely reporting on terrorist groups — these articles are promoting the jihadist ideology.

Can you expect honest reporting from such a guy?