Monday, June 14, 2010

Today is the third anniversary of Hamas' bloody coup

Palestinian Arabs love anniversaries of what they consider their defeats. They annually celebrate the anniversaries of the Balfour Declaration, of the UN Partition resolution, of Israel's Independence Day, of the Six Day War, of Deir Yassin, of Sabra and Shatila, and so on. Each of these events will be heralded by a slew of angry articles and public events, often staged at the UN and European cities.

Today, however, is the third anniversary of the biggest setback that Palestinian Arabs ever had in their alleged quest for independence: the anniversary of Hamas' violent overthrow of the PA in Gaza.

Hundreds were killed, including UN workers, and the reverberations are still being felt as the chance for reconciliation seems as remote as ever. Right now, Hamas' hold on Gaza is not in any jeopardy as it has ruthlessly and violently eliminated all possible opposition.

Yet the commemoration of this anniversary is muted. I see only one angry article about it in the Palestinian Arab press.

No angry rallies in Brussels. No resolutions in Geneva. No human right activists publicly calling on Hamas to lift its siege of Gaza and allow the PA to administer it in an attempt to help Gazans get back to where they were before June, 2007, when there were many more imports and exports, when travel between Egypt and Gaza was administered by the EU. While there is no shortage of angry "humanitarians" who are not at all embarrassed to call for the destruction of Israel in the name of justice for PalArabs, not one publicly calls for the destruction of Hamas.

One gets the impression that maybe all of the people who claim to care about Gaza really have a different agenda.