Monday, June 07, 2010

Sheikh Tamimi sacked in corruption scandal

Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi was forced out of his job as the "Palestinian Chief Justice and Supreme Judge" yesterday.

Not because he is singlehandedly responsible for many riots. Not because of his anti-semitism or daily incitement against Jews. Not because of the lies that he habitually hurls about supposed Jewish plans to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque.

No, he is being forced out by Abbas because of an unspecified corruption investigation sparked by the whistle-blower Fahmi Shabana who went on Israeli TV to expose endemic corruption that the PA was trying to cover up.

But don't worry - Tamimi will still enjoy a full pension from the PA, with funds that come from the West to prop up the Abbas regime. And he will be free to incite and lie all he wants.

(As I wrote a few weeks ago, Tamimi has stated in the past that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem, that Jews are exporting AIDS to PalArabs, there were never any Temples in Jerusalem, that Jews are planning to massacre Muslims on the Temple Mount and that Jews were planning to demolish Al Aqsa last March. He's also the guy who interrupted the Pope to make a speech about Israeli genocide against Arabs.)