Friday, June 04, 2010

Shabbat Shalom, welcome Suzanne open thread

OK, I'm wiped.

81 posts this week. Over 32,000 hits. An overwhelming number of links, stories, and videos.

I need help!

I asked Suzanne if she wants to be a co-blogger. Suzanne has been commenting on this blog for a long time and has contributed a great deal of good pointers to stories. She is an exceptional researcher who was instrumental in getting much of the data in our research on dead terrorists who were considered "civilians" in Gaza.

She lives in the Netherlands, and has uncovered some great stories in the European press that would have gone unnoticed otherwise, including the extraordinarily popular post from this week from the Danish journalist who visited Gaza. I don't know how many languages she knows, but I have a feeling it is a lot! In addition, she has shown that she is better than I am at finding stories in the Arabic media and navigating the entire auto-translation jungle.

In addition, she has shown in her communications with me that she is very devoted to truth, and she has chided me for occasionally spinning stories in ways that might not be 100% accurate. That is a fantastic quality.

I know nothing else about her, but the beauty of cyberspace is that people can be judged purely by their words and nothing else. By that standard, Suzanne is a gem.

She hasn't quite formally accepted my invitation but I saw her log in and start writing a post, so this is my way to encourage her to officially join, and become become the first Eldress.

(I still have the open invitation to Zvi to join the blog as well. Nu?)

Anyway, here is a Shabbat open thread.