Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Self-hating Jews to convene in Detroit

Jews who hate Israel, other Jews - and themselves - will be meeting in Detroit this weekend to denounce Israel and Zionism. Here's a small part of their vitriolic press release, courtesy of the Electronic Intifada site:

Overcoming Zionist ideas and practice is crucial, first and foremost, because of the impact of its institutionalized racism and colonialism on the people of Palestine and the broader region. This impact manifests in the demand for political, legal and economic power for Jews and European people and cultures over indigenous people and cultures. This racism is also the cause of the extensive displacement and alienation of Mizrahi Jews (Jews of African and Asian descent) from their diverse histories, languages, traditions and cultures and in the marginalization and economic exploitation of its Mizrahi population and migrant workers within Israeli society. Zionism is also anti-Semitic in its rejection of Jewish cultures and histories -- including both Jews who are "other" than European and the European Jewish "victim" which it attempted to distance itself from in the creation of the "new Jew."
Look how much these "Jews" care about Jewish culture and history! They complain about Israeli discrimination against Jews from Arab countries - fifty years ago. Yet they don't ask how many of these same Jews would prefer to have stayed in the Arab nations that treated them with as much respect. After all, Arab massacres against Jews were not nearly as bad as European massacres, so those Jews - around half of Israel's population - must really want to move back to Syria and Yemen and Egypt, right?

In fact, the Jews at this conference care so much about Jewish history and culture that they are opening their conference on Shabbat!

These self-loathing Jews, who are so much against "the rejection of Jewish culture and history," show their naked hypocrisy by invoking their own usurpation of even secular Jewish history, as can be seen by their poster for their meeting:

This is a Photoshop of a photo of a demonstration against child labor that took place in 1909:

Who is manipulating the history of their people again?

The sponsors are the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, whose anti-Israel demonstrations generally attract a handful of people. Their only tie to Judaism is to pervert it as a weapon for being against Israel, as their page of their events shows: they had a Tashlich ceremony and a Chanukah party, for example..

I wonder how many of them came home from that party to a real menorah in their home? Nah, that would be too Zionist - the celebration of Jews defeating the non-Jewish usurpers of their land. To them, that party was about dreidels and latkes.

(h/t Philosémitisme blog)