Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saudi king: Israel and Iran do not deserve to exist"

From Le Figaro (French):
The Saudi monarch, who met Tuesday Barack Obama in the White House, did not mince his words the recent trip by the French Minister of Defense Hervé Morin to Jeddah.  "There are two countries in the world who do not deserve to exist: Iran and Israel,"  said King Abdullah, on June 5. 

This diatribe against the two designated enemies of Arabia has been confirmed by two French sources, diplomatic and military, in Paris. It is unclear what the reaction of the Minister of Defence was, - he was surrounded by a handful of diplomats and high-ranking officers in the audience with the king, culminating a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia.
As the Philosémitisme Blog comments, "Of course Saudi Arabia has the right to exist and is a pure blessing for humanity."

(h/t Philosémitisme Blog)