Friday, June 11, 2010

Peace-activist helps Israelis soldier. Or doesn't he?

In an Italian newspaper a picture of an Israeli soldier and an activist was shown, which I had not seen before. The picture was taken by photographer Sefik Dinc. It clearly shows how well the Israeli soldiers were being treated when they came on board of the ship:

I wanted to see if I could retrieve more pictures or this pictures in an uncropped version (as the size shows it's obviously cropped for the website), and I found this:

Another interesting photograph is on page 5:

Its caption reads:
"Exclusive. Activists on the 'Mavi Marmara' ship in the international waters of the Mediterranean sea as it headed for the blockaded Gaza Strip just before the arrival of the Israeli commando."
They sure were prepared.

(unfortunately I cannot reach the large photographs, nor can I register. So you'll have to do it with this.)

UPDATE: Reader Iva notes that the first photo is from an Italian website of 3 different news papers and it mentions that the photos would be published the next day by an Italian weekly OGGI. Iva was able to log in and provide us with a better resolution picture:

Caption: Israeli solder gets hit with a stick(pole)