Friday, June 25, 2010

A "peace activist" wants to ethnically cleanse Israel of Jews

The person who is behind the "Free Palestine" movement that is the front for the Hezbollah-sponsored "Freedom Flotilla 2" from Lebanon describes his desire for a Jew-free Palestine: (from MEMRI):

"Whenever that criminal gang of Israeli pirates seizes a ship, I become more optimistic that the day will come when these ships will carry these dregs of European garbage back to their own countries.
"Let Gilad Shalit return to Paris. Let those murderers return to Poland. Once they are back there, we will hunt them down to the end of the world, and prosecute them for their massacres, from Deir Yassin to this day.
"I would like to say something to the Israeli people."
Interviewer: "To the settlers."
Yasser Qashlaq: "Yes, to that gang of criminal murderers. Board the ship we are sending you, and return to your countries. Don’t be misled by the Arab leaders or the moderate camp. You will never be able to make peace with us. Our children will return [to Palestine]. There is no reason for coexistence. Even if some of our leaders or regimes sign [peace] with you – we will never sign. Do not be misled by these regimes. Return to your countries."
Qashlaq's biography in his website says that he is "from Safed" - but he was born in Damascus in 1971. He says such peaceful statements as "tear down the so-called Temple of Solomon."

He also writes that he grieves when he sees Egypt confiscating weapons that are being smuggled to Gaza as if they are illegal drugs.

The sparse "Free Palestine Movement" website does not say a word about being against violence.