Friday, June 11, 2010

More on Hamas' siege of Gaza

After pressure from President Obama, discussions have accelerated between Israel, the Quartet, the EU, the PA and Egypt to see if the Rafah crossing can be re-opened under a variation of the rules that were in place before Hamas' coup in Gaza.

These included an international team of European observers called EUBAM-Rafah, PA officers manning the crossing, and cameras that Israel kept an eye on from Kerem Shalom. Israel was never happy with the level of inspections, though.

After the coup, EUBAM went into paid hibernation, waiting to become relevant again and doing the occasional lecture to the PA to justify their paychecks.

How does Hamas look at these attempts to ease the restrictions on movement of people and goods into Gaza?

Why, they are spitting mad, of course.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri lashed out at the PA and Egypt, saying that they were using the Rafah issue as a pretext to weaken Hamas and facilitate the ultimate takeover of Gaza by Fatah.

Gee, do you get the impression that Hamas is more interested in staying in power and having complete control over all of Gaza's crossings than they are in the welfare of the people of Gaza?