Monday, June 28, 2010

"Masked men" again set UNRWA camp on fire

From Ma'an:
A second UNRWA summer camp facility was burned Monday morning, with camp officials saying some 25 masked men entered the An-Nusseriat camp and assaulted the guards.

A statement from UNRWA said the summer camp's guards were "physically assaulted and handcuffed," but not injured

Eyewitnesses accounts confirmed the UNRWA report, with locals saying vandals broke into the camp and tied up security guards, then setting fire to equipment inside the facility. "It looks like serious damage," one resident said.

The UNRWA statement did not comment on the extent of the damages caused by the fire, but the agency's Director of Operations in Gaza, John Ging noted that "the overwhelming success of UNRWA’s Summer Games has once again obviously frustrated those that are intolerant of children’s happiness."
Other reports put the damage at 30% of the camp.

Hamas considers UNRWA summer camps to be way too liberal, as they do not explicitly incite campers to hate nor are they paramilitary training for a future terrorist career. That's why they set up their own alternative camps based on the Quran and paramilitary training.

UNRWA is never going to accuse Hamas of being behind these acts of arson, though.