Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leftover news items (updated)

Here are some things I didn't get a chance to blog about today:

Jed in the comments pointed me to this Israeli Channel 10 report about the underground trade of Israeli goods to Gaza. This explains all the Hebrew-labeled items in the Gaza supermarkets, but it goes beyond groceries to refrigerators and water coolers.

Firas Press reports that Turkey is now blaming Israel for recent clashes with Kurds over the past few months. Some 10 Turks have been killed in the past week - and 130 Kurds. Sounds disproportionate, no? Where's Goldstone when you need him? (Oh, and the same story says that Turkey is reportedly using Israeli drones to attack the Kurds.)

Firas also quotes Al Hayat about how both Hamas and Fatah are stopping Gazans from traveling. Hamas simply stops them at the border; Fatah is being stingy with passports.

One of Hezbollah's "aid" boats, which may be the "Miryam" ("Mary") that was supposed to have only women passengers, is being stopped from sailing because it has not officially declared its destination.

Ha'aretz profiles Aliza Landes, the head of the IDF's "new media desk" and the person who I contact to ask specific questions and get official statements. She is also the daughter of Richard Landes, of the Augean Stables blog. I met her when I was in Israel in December, and she hosted the IDF blogger trip to the Lebanese and Syrian borders.