Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Latest IDF video - IHH preparing to fight

Showing the peaceful IHH preparations to meet the IDF - preparing their iron rods, slingshots, broken glass bottles....

I love that the best video showing that the "peace protestors" weren't peaceful comes from the protestors' own cameras!

Some Free Gaza freakazoids have even moved away from their meme of non-violent protest, which they lost badly, now to "justified violence." Yvonne Ridley, who had gone on Free Gaza trips in the past, invokes an anti-piracy convention that has nothing to do with this situation and says (on an Iranian site)
Under international maritime law you are legally entitled to resist unlawful capture, abduction and detention.

What those on board the Freedom Flotilla did was perfectly legal. I believe they acted with great courage in the face of heavily armed IDF commandos, while others might have thought their actions reckless.
So much for non-violent resistance - that argument has gone out the window.

Of course, the argument is circular - she defines the Israeli actions as "unlawful" initially and then uses the Rome Convention, which says that unlawful actions are illegal, to prove that it was unlawful!

But the important part is that the Free Gaza folks are being forced to abandon their lies earlier than they had in previous adventures because of a much better factual response by Israel.