Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jewish dance group attacked in Germany

Not by neo-nazis, but:

A group of mainly Muslim children and young people of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian origin threw stones at dance group of the liberal Jewish congregation at a party in the district Sahlkamp in Hannover last Saturday. So far the police identified two suspects: a 14 year old German and a 19 year old North African.

They link the attack and anti-Semitic tendencies in Germany by these groups directly to the flotilla incident. But why do Iranians, Lebanese and North-Africans actually care? Don't tell me that they actually are just anti-Semitic? And the left buys their hatred when they misinterpret it for sincere criticism against Israel.

But did the Left ever ask themselves why these Muslim children and young people of Lebanese, Palestinian, Iranian and North African origin do not care about NEDA, e.g.? Because they don't care about freedom, tolerance, (real!) human rights, and peace. And THAT should actually concern the Left.