Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How many lies can Arab News fit in one article?

The (Saudi) Arab News started up a new section called "Gaza Bleeds," where it throws all pretense of journalist objectivity out the window.

One article it reproduces is a list of "records" that Israel supposedly has broken. Included are some statistics that are complete fiction, like Israel had deported 4 million refugees, or that it was "established upon the ruins of another nation that it destroyed; Palestine," or that Israel uses depleted uranium bombs, or that Israel has developed "abortion efficient, infant killing tear gas"...you get the idea.

Since everyone knows what monsters Israelis are, then all of these "facts" must be true by definition.

Another fictional article on the page quotes Iran's PressTV  about a "secret CIA memo" that forecasts Israel's destruction that is equally fictitious.

It is important to read, though, because most Arab news sites try to pretend that they are objective and fact-based. Here, we see what Arabs really say to each other and to ignorant Westerners about Israel when no one is around to call them on it. These are the sorts of "statistics" and "facts" that we can expect are being bandied about in closed-door meetings on European and American college campuses; in private Free Gaza and Viva Palestina mailing lists, and on Arabic message boards and blogs. It is rare for the public face of English-language Arab journalism to be exposed this explicitly, but you can be sure that the anomaly is the exposure, not the dissemination.