Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hamas makes "collaborator" accusations against Gaza NGOs

From the Palestinian Center for Human Rights:

In its issue no. 1096, published on 10 June 2010, Palestine Daily quoted the Mr. Al-Ghussein, spokesman of the Ministry of Interior in a press conference on Wednesday, 9 June 2010 as saying: "Influential figures in non-governmental organizations gave up to security services in response to the deadline specified by the Palestinian government in the context of efforts of the national campaign against collaboration with the occupation." Mr. Al-Ghussein added: "We were surprised as a number of these figures assume leadership and important positions in non-governmental and civil society organizations." "A number of veteran collaborators who were not suspected gave up to security services."
PCHR is incensed at the implication that its members might be people who actually help save Jewish lives and fight terrorism. They indignantly demand:
[The PCHR}:

Strongly rejects these unprofessional statements, especially the ambiguous generalization adopted by the Ministry of Interior, which characterize non-governmental and human rights organizations as sanctuary for collaborators. These statements are completely unacceptable and must be withdrawn. PCHR demands the Ministry of Interior publish the available data regarding the identity of persons alleged to collaborate with the Israeli occupation forces in accordance with the applicable legal standards and to bring those persons to justice. PCHR further stresses that it rejects and condemns the generalized accusations practically and legally;

Renews its firm position regarding the duty of the Palestinian Authority to prosecute collaborators, bring them to justice and hold them accountable in accordance with the provisions of the law. Collaborators are an integral part of the occupation and one of its most dangerous tools implanted in the body of the Palestinian people.
PCHR never, ever condemns terrorist acts - even between Palestinian Arabs - in such strong terms.

This Hamas accusation comes in the context of Hamas' recent closing of at least a half-dozen NGOs and charities in Gaza, something that most Western media never really got around to reporting.