Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday linkdump

The Weekly Standard claims that the US will support an anti-Israel resolution in the UN next week, calling for an international investigation of the flotilla raid. No word on an international probe and war crimes trial for the people responsible for the deaths of 23 civilians killed by a US drone in Afghanistan in February. (UPDATE: The White House denies the story.)

Thousands held a pro-Israel rally in Finland. Finland only has 1500 Jews, total.

The "democratically elected" PA government (well, almost half of them, anyway) decided to postpone local elections indefinitely.

A new study shows that, wow, Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews really do all come from the same place in the Middle East. So much for the Khazar theory and Shlomo Sand. The study can be found here, but you have to pay to get the details.

You won't find any articles in the Arab press about Israelis saving Arab lives. And because it happens every day, you won't see too many from Israel either. This one is heartwarming.

Great analysis by Walter Russell Mead.