Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Freaks of Gaza:"Israel told UK, US that flotilla had nukes"

The Free Gaza movement is reeling a bit from Israel's effective use of video to counter their absurd lies (that there was no violent resistance on the ship, for example.) The fact that their own people took the most damning video has got to hurt.

Their co-founder, Greta Berlin, just sent out a mailing to the list where she makes a really bizarre claim to the long list of FG lies:

As Israel's hysteria mounts, "they now claim “self defense” in attacking ships in international waters today, killing 9. Israel informed the US and Britain that the convoy was ferrying stolen nuclear weapons that would be used for a terrorist attack on Israel.

Really? Israel told its two closest allies that the ships contained nuclear weapons, a conjecture so absurd that it would lose its credibility forever if it turns out not to be true?

What journalist or diplomat broke this story?

Why, it was from the rabidly anti-Israel website "Veterans Today," written by Gordon Duff. Duff,a card-carrying conspiracy theorist, spins a rambling, bizarre tail of lost nuclear weapons. Anyway, he claims, without citing any sources, that Netanyahu informed UK and US officials that the flotilla was carrying nuclear weapons stolen from South Africa. But the kicker is that he says Israel stole the nukes themselves! (I guess Israel doesn't have the ability to build its own.)

The head of Free Gaza is so livid in her hate for Israel that she believes Duff's story completely - and is using it as proof to shore up her defense of the fact that Free Gaza was associated with the IHH terror network during this flotilla.

Greta Berlin, by the way, may have a real problem with Jews herself. While I cannot confirm the authenticity of this email, someone claiming to be her ex-stepdaughter wrote to Daniel Pipes a few years back:
Having read about the incident at UCLA I must admit that I was appalled by Ms. Berlin's behavior, but not at all surprised. I should know, she is after all my ex-stepmother...

After reading your article, I went on to research some of the links that your site provided and found it rather difficult to comprehend some of the titles that are now associated with Ms. Berlin's name. The title of "Peace Activist" is the one I find particularly hypocritical.

On numerous occasions I heard Greta launch the insults "the god damned Israelis, and those F****** Jews" at the dinner table in front of my father (a Jew) and the few Israeli friends and relatives who ventured to visit. Additionally, any rational debate attempted by anyone with an opposing view to Greta's, was immediately terminated with the responses: "Shut up" or "You don't know what the hell you're talking about." The rebuttal usually presented in screaming form.

These comments in juxtaposition to her role as "Peace Activist" I find hard to rectify. It prompts me to ask what should be an obvious question; "At what point did terms of hate and bigotry become synonymous with Peace?"

I was always under the strange impression that the road to peace laid in the arms of those who were tolerant, compassionate, and vehement in their will to understand and to promote understanding. God help us all if this is the role model that we hold up as an embodiment of those ideals!

Ava E. Berlin