Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Fatah/Hamas drama continues....

I have been staying away from blogging about the interminable reconciliation negotiations between Fatah and Hamas, mostly because it has followed the same pattern for years: a spurt of rumors that an agreement is close and then the crushing realization that nothing has changed.

This pattern was repeated this week again, when there was a flurry of hope and rumors that an agreement was "thisclose" to being signed. Then, Hamas speaker Aziz Dweik publicly said that negotiations hit a "dead-end."

But never fear, because Ma'an's editor assures us that there are serious back-channel negotiations, but the window of opportunity is quickly closing...

Sorry, but it closed when Hamas took over Gaza. There is no way they will relinquish a de facto Islamic state to Fatah, and the only way there will be a "reconciliation" is if Hamas manages to take over the West Bank too.