Monday, June 14, 2010

Evil Zionist...searchlights?

Palestine Today exposes the latest dastardly Zionist crime: illuminating the walls of the Old City and the Temple Mount.

It appears that the Zionists have now stooped to new lows. They have installed powerful searchlights, at the Mount of Olives and elsewhere, to beautify the walls of the Old City. Their lights are also shining upon the Temple Mount, making it look like the holiest site in Judaism is actually a Jewish site!

Even more nefariously, the article notes that they do this evil illumination at night. This is, of course, to avoid confrontations with Arab protesters - the ones who would come out in force against using the searchlights during the day, I presume.

The Zionists are also taking pictures of these illuminated objects and using them for tourist materials. The horror!

Even worse, the article darkly warns that some rabbis are involved in this plot.

I think that we are duty bound to inform them that Allah has joined in with this Zionist plot. After all, who else is illuminating the walls for a good 15 hours a day in the summertime?