Saturday, June 05, 2010

Egyptians married to Jewish Israelis can lose their citizenship

It was mentioned on this blog before that Egyptians married to "Zionists" might lose their citizenship. Then the High Administrative Court had yet to rule on this issue. Back then, the lawyer who took the case to the court, Nabil al-Wahsh, said: "Egyptian nationality law warns against marriage to anyone characterized as Zionist." And: ""The majority are married to Israelis considered Zionist, and only 10 percent are married to Arab Israelis."

Now it turns out that the Egyptian appeals court has upheld the ruling that orders the country's Interior Ministry to strip the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women.

Judge Mohammed al-Husseini, sitting on the Supreme Administrative Court, said the interior ministry must ask the cabinet to take the necessary steps to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, of their citizenship.

Before reading the verdict, Husseini said the case would not apply to Egyptian men married to Arab Israeli women.

"The case for (Egyptian) men married to Israeli Arab women is different to those married to Israeli women of Jewish origin because (Israeli Arabs) have lived under Israeli occupation," Husseini told the court.
I wonder what the next step of the interior and foreign ministries will be as they had appealed to the case, saying it was for parliament to decide on such matters.