Monday, June 21, 2010

Dutch police may employ undercover agents disguised as religious Jews

Haaretz mentions a new Dutch proposal to tackle antisemitism by letting Dutch police go undercover as Jews:
Dutch police may employ undercover agents disguised as religious Jews to expose and arrest violent anti-Semites, a police spokesperson said last week.
The initiative was first proposed by a Dutch Muslim legislator [Ahmed Marcouch, Suz.] in response to reports of frequent attacks against Jews by Moroccan immigrants. Prominent figures from the country’s Jewish community said they supported the plan.
The Center for Information and Documentation Israel, an influential nongovernmental watchdog on anti-Semitism, announced on Thursday that it supported the initiative. "It has become common for Jews to hide their skull-caps on the street," said Ronny Naftaniel, who heads the center, known in Holland by its initials, CIDI. He added that Marchouch’s “liberal views have cost him in the past the support of voters from the Moroccan community.”
"Hate and anti-Semitism is sometimes can be addressed together through education," explained Marcouch, a leading member in the Jewish-Moroccan Network of Amsterdam – a forum which CIDI and Cohen helped create in 2006 to promote dialog between the two communities.

"It is in the family that one needs to be alert, and to eliminate anti-Semitism," Marcouch added. "And the way to do this is through education about what hatred of the other can lead to. Strong police intervention is important because no one must suffer violence, but in parallel we need to inform children so they don't harbor anti-Semitic feelings."
For some odd reason, Haaretz believes that it is necessary to dress up Haredi in order to get reactions (see there headline: Are Dutch police going undercover as Haredi Jews?). Just a kipa alone, however, is sufficient:
(forward to 0:58 as in this program of a last Sunday):