Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Caption fun

Daylife reproduces this picture and caption from Getty Images:

Activists of Pakistan's outlawed religious party Sipah-e-Sahaba chant slogans and burn an Israeli and Danish natioanl [sic] flag during a protest against Israel, in Islamabad on June 1, 2010. Pakistan condemned an Israeli commando attack on a flotilla of aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip, describing the killings of up to 19 activists as 'brutal and inhuman.' Israeli naval forces stormed the aid flotilla in international waters before dawn on May 31, killing up to 19 pro-Palestinian activists.
First of all - what did poor Denmark do to be lumped in with Israel? Sounds like the IDF was dropping cartoons of Mohammed on the "aid" ships!

Secondly, 24 hours ago it was unclear how many people were killed. Now we know how many: 9. Why is Getty still mentioning "up to 19"?

Thirdly, it was not an "aid flotilla" - it was a political stunt masquerading as aid.

Fourthly, the activists aren't pro-Palestinian - they are anti-Israel. If they were pro-Palestinian they would also try to help those who are still in Lebanese and Syrian camps for six decades to become citizens in the Arab countries they were born in.

Fifth - notice that the Israeli flag uses the thin/thick blue line more commonly associated with a Jewish prayer shawl rather than the actual Israeli flag.