Thursday, June 03, 2010

Anti-Israel freaks think they caught Israel lying! Too bad they are idiots.

Mondoweiss points to a breathless article that accuses the IDF of faking photos of the non-peaceful items found aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Their main evidence is that the EXIF information from the photographs indicate pictures taken in 2006, or 2003, not 2010.

The claim is absurd on the face of it - why would the IDF bother to fake pictures of bullet-proof vests or saws or pepper spray, when it would make more sense for them to fake pictures of handguns and stun grenades or more lethal weapons? It is far more likely that the digital cameras used to take the photos never had their date/time set - not that the anti-Zionist folks would ever admit to such a simple possibility.

But if you don't believe that explanation, you can see the IDF video of the exact same items, piled the same way, all on display, at the Ashdod port:

I guess that the IDF read the accusations and rushed to manufacture or obtain the items whose photos were taken years ago, to position them for the fake video shoot yesterday!

(h/t anon for the Mondoweiss link)