Monday, June 21, 2010

Al Qassam Brigades publishes fawning obituary of Mabhouh

The Al Qassam Brigades, "militant wing" of Hamas, has published a fawning "martyr" obituary for Mahmoud Mabhouh.

On the fourteenth of the month of February, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-AD, Al-Qassam leader, Mahmoud Abdel-Raouf Mohamed Mabhouh, "Abul Abed," was born...His cries as a baby were to grow up one day and become a thorn in the throat of the Zionists and haunt them, and shake their thrones, and kidnap soldiers and kill them.

Since he was young he loved to hate the occupation, and dreamed that one day he woudl grow up to avenge the Zionists and the Israeli soldiers, perpetrators of the massacres against our people.

The martyr, may God have mercy on him, would exercise constantly, and often frequented by a gym in Jabalya as a bodybuilder. In one of the tournaments he won first place in bodybuilding for the entire Gaza Strip.

The martyr, may God have mercy on him, was held several times in the prisons of the Zionists, also Egyptian prisons. He held in 1986 in Gaza Central Prison (Saraya), and charged with possession of weapons and after release from prisons of the Zionist occupation completed his jihad and continued his pursuit of the Zionist occupation.

The martyr, may God have mercy on him, had since childhood a love of resistance and jihad for the sake of God, and was trained to arms, and in 1986 was detained in Gaza Central Prison for a year on charges of possession of a Kalashnikov, and after his release from prison did not stop his jihad but increased in strength, and increased his relationship with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Sheikh al-Salah Shehadeh.

The martyr, may God have mercy on him, worked with the first group which was founded by Commander Mohammad Sharatha, and was the leader of the members of the military group.

The martyr, may God have mercy on him, was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of two Zionists.

The martyr, may God have mercy on him, did not like to talk a lot, but his face would change when he sees the Zionists and he passionately wanted revenge on the Zionists. This very powerful figure, and martyr, may God have mercy on him, was excellent at secrecy and confidentiality.
It goes on like this for a while, although it does not go into detail on his abduction and murder of two IDF soldiers or his presumed arms deals with Iran. Instead the obituary tells a story of Mabhouh threatening soldiers for enforcing a curfew some years back.

As the latest Latma episode parodies, the world seems to forget that Mabhouh was a terrorist and that his being offed is a good thing.