Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Administrivia open thread

Things are starting to calm down a little from the craziness last week, but it is still a very busy time here at EoZ.

This has already been my second-busiest month ever, with 76,000 hits. And there are still two weeks to go! (January 2009, during Cast Lead, was the busiest, at 83K.)

I need to apologize to anyone who sent me an email that I didn't respond to, or that I responded to tersely. I very much appreciate feedback and links and acknowledge the ones that I can, but I know I didn't reply to everyone (and I just noticed that some ended up in my spam folder.) It is just that with the little free time I have, I would rather communicate with thousands of people than with one. Nonetheless, many of the best posts of the past couple of weeks have been from links that people sent in email. (I am biased towards links I have not seen on other blogs, and links to stories that are from that same day's news.)

I also have to occasionally do my day job. And, oh yes, sleep.

Suzanne has been a great help in that regard, posting great stuff.

I also added the "Share" button at the end of every post. If you like something posted here, and you have an account on one of the social networking sites listed (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, or any of the hundreds of others listed there,) please just spend the few seconds it takes to click on the appropriate icon and forward it on. You never know which post will go viral or hit a nerve, but many good posts (IMHO) don't get the publicity they deserve because they never hit that elusive critical mass. If you want to help out the blog, that's the single best thing you can do.

Anyway, here's an open thread....